The Windows 7- Picture Perfect Holiday program was an interactive experience, showcasing the features of Windows 7 to the everyday consumer. Inside the Southwest Airlines terminal, this program allowed consumers to have their photo taken with Santa and then guided through a demo of Windows 7 photo editing software Photo Fuse, This program ran in 21 airports over a 2 week period, and 3 malls between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Our Role

GTE Agency was tasked with hiring and managing over 350 tech-savvy staff, including Site Managers, Brand Ambassadors and Santa’s to run this high-traffic, high-profile promotion. Months prior to the program’s launch, GTE worked with airport security and government agencies to guide our staff through this complicated, multi-phase process. Once the program had launched, GTE Agency continued to manage all aspects of day-to-day operation in all 21 cities.

Finish Line

During this program, our staff successfully guided over 450,000 groups and individuals in 21 States through this unique promotional experience. Our staff guided consumers through over 300,000 software demos. Over 150,000 surveys taken onsite showed 63% favorability to Windows (PC) vs.. Apple.

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