Digital Media ETC. – Verizon – Star Wars

May The Fourth Be With You


Verizon looked to leverage their partnership with Lucas Film in order to promote their newest Android smartphone through a tie-in with the Star Wars franchise. To celebrate May The Fourth Be With You (Star Wars Day), Digital Media Etc. and GTE Agency executed an epic social media scavenger hunt through New York City to drive awareness and create buzz for both Verizon and the beloved science fiction saga. R2D2 and the Jawa characters from the movies could be located throughout the day prepared to do business with fans. Clues were given on Verizon’s Twitter and Instagram accounts along with the hashtag #capturethedroid for passwords to receive amazing prizes such as free Android phones and all-expense paid trips to San Diego Comic Con!

Our Role

While Verizon’s social media team dropped hints about the whereabouts of R2D2 and the Jawas, GTE Agency’s amazing team brought the characters, and the promotion, to life. GTE cast little people to play the part of Jawas, even training them to speak their language and adopt all of their behaviors! GTE Brand Ambassadors translated the consumers passwords into “Jawa” so that the transactions for prizes could be completed. BA’s Star Wars knowledge and enthusiasm were instrumental in the success of the scavenger hunt. The entire team was informative and inspirational in the execution of the entire program.

Finish Line

GTE, DME, Verizon, and Lucas Film were extremely impressed by the attention the campaign garnered. We were surrounded and stopped at every location that we targeted throughout NYC, having our brand ambassadors engage and interact with amazingly enthusiastic fans. At the end, we gave away 1,500 promotional posters, while personally engaging with over 2,500 Star Wars Fans. We gave away about 100 prizes to those who were able to “#capturethedroid”, including the Android phones and SD Comic Con trips, even tickets to the next Star Wars Movie premiere! Online we garnered well over 250,000 impressions!

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