In-Store Demos


GTE needed to create an experience for Dove’s target audience that made each individual leave happier than they came. The underlying goal of the event was to make Dove customers feel great about themselves by allowing them to engage in a personable experience that prompted them to have a positive attitude towards the Dove brand. This feel-good ideology gave birth to the Camera Courage booth. Giving individuals a boost in confidence, this product marketing event was aimed to make individuals feel so good, they’re “camera ready.”

Our Role

Training the event staffing personnel on Dove products, GTE secured team members in advance to confirm mailing information for demonstration supplies to be shipped ahead of time and on schedule. The event staffing personnel were trained to act as the face of Dove, communicating and encouraging customers in order to create a positive experience that they’d remember. After activation and in a short turn around period, GTE provided photos and recaps to Dove to share with partners and clients for data analysis.

Finish Line

GTE successfully executed the events nationwide in both major and small markets. In all, the Dove Camera Courage events were carried out in over 700 stores in a single day activation. GTE’s event staffing personnel distributed Dove product literature while inviting guests into the Camera Courage booth for a product interaction they’d never forget. Working with such amazing company like Dove made us feel so good – we’re now “camera ready.”


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