FX – San Diego Comic Con 2014



Van Wagner Experiential contracted GTE Agency to help execute this initiative to promote the FX Network’s record-breaking airing of every Simpson’s episode back-to-back, as well as the premieres of the shows Gotham and The Strain. FX needed to make a strong impact at the already saturated San Diego Comic Con. The mission was to build walk-through, interactive experiences that could sustain hundreds of thousands of impressions.

Our Role

A dome was built in the shape of homers head, containing interior media projections of Homer’s thoughts. Branded games and an interactive Simpsons mural was established to break the Guinness record for participating artists. A zip-line passing the Gotham skyline was created. And a special private screening for The Strain was arranged for attendees with the show’s director present. GTE facilitated all staffing & execution, well over 40 staff per day for four days straight, managing considerable consumer traffic.

Finish Line

Lines wrapped around the block for all installations, and each show was the talk of the convention. In all, there were well over 1,000,000 first impressions, with exponentially more over social media platforms, both from consumers and those of FX Network.

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