Monterey Bay Aquarium

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In order to create awareness and presence for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and increase guest attendance, GTE and DME went on tour again throughout Northern California.

Our Role

GTE assisted with identifying elements to ensure the quality of each activation would meet the program standards.  Additionally, supported by putting together the production aspect of the project; making it a priority to hire a team which was able to commit to many of the event dates.  Having dedicated staff made certain that they were knowledgeable and able to give the best details on the aquarium’s history and current endeavors.

Finish Line

GTE successfully set up and executed 10 events.  During each activation – staff was able to obtain consumer information to identify a ROI (measured by new number of members to the Aquarium).  Each activation gained popularity and created a positive brand image, which ultimately results in increased interest in visiting the site.

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