Rescue Social Change Group

Anti-smoking Campaign


GTE had to enable a team to engage with High School and Middle School students, asking them to participate in a survey. With such a unique demographic, accompanied by the extensive politics that exist in schools, GTE first focused on the event staffing. Not only was the staffing recruitment process aimed to find “local influencers” (or individuals whom easily connected with the surveys target), but we had to make sure all the event staffing personnel were given background checks, tested for tuberculosis, and fingerprinted. After the process was completed, it was time to dig for results.

Our Role

In an effort to find students who fit the surveys demographics, GTE initiated a first round screening process. After a student passed the screening process, the event staffing personnel notified the student, and aided them in completing the survey. As this wasn’t GTE’s typical experimental marketing or field marketing event, it’s hard to say that this process and operation could have gone any smoother. It was great!


Finish Line

In all, GTE successfully executed the survey in 12 school districts. Helping Rescue SCG reach their goal and gain valuable information deemed this government funded social research project an absolute success. GTE was excited and happy to assist an organization like Rescue SCG, who cares for our future generations and aims to make an impact for the betterment of society.

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