MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8 and Surface Tablet



The Windows 8 Airport Activation was direct consumer engagement to promote the launches of Microsoft’s latest operating system and the revolutionary Surface tablet. As a partnership between Microsoft and Southwest Airlines, the program featured a colorful 15 x 15 footprint at Southwest terminals in 23 markets nationwide. Tech-savvy staff demonstrated the OS and tablet features to holiday travelers, while digital artists showed off their talents with the Fresh Paint application. The program ran for 8 weeks between mid-November and mid-January.

Our Role

GTE Agency was tasked with providing over 250 exceptional staff, training teams, and coordinating program logistics. In the months leading to the program’s launch, GTE worked with TSA and government agencies to coordinate our staff through this complicated, multi-phase process, ultimately executing installation and management for all 23 footprints for the life of the program.

Finish Line

Over the course of this program, our staff guided consumers through nearly 200,000 Windows 8 demos on Surface tablets. Our teams awarded thousands of prizes, including free Southwest Airline travel vouchers and Surface tablets given away onsite in 20 states. Consumer surveys showed over 90% favorability to staff performance and overall promotional experience.

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