The Westfield Amazon Kindle Holiday Program was a calibration between Westfield’s Santa experience and the Amazon Kindle family. As mall goers waited to have their photos taken with Santa they were entertained with demonstrations given on the whole line of Kindle products. A permanent Amazon kiosk was built and housed all the newest kindle devices as well as mobile units which could roam the line to reach more consumers. Additionally the teams sold all of the Amazon Kindle products on site. This program ran in 6 Westfield malls between Black Friday and Christmas Eve.

Our Role

GTE was tasked with hiring and managing tech savvy staff , with a customer service background, including Site Managers and Brand Ambassadors. GTE Agency secured a retail license as well as handled all the merchant and POS systems to facilitate the on-site sales of the Kindle products. Our staff was responsible for the safety and maintenance of all product before and after a sale.

Finish Line

Reaching 1,000,000 holiday shoppers, the teams provided comprehensive demonstrations and product information to potential buyers. Our staff surpassed all client expectations selling close to $500,000 in product during the 32 days the program was active, effectively expanding the reach of Kindle products to consumers.

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