Advertising in Action


GTE’s objective was to attract, encourage and engage directly with the Lyft target audience through various means of brand marketing. Mapping out and pinpointing areas throughout San Francisco and Los Angeles where Lyft’s services are most frequently used, GTE needed to craft a campaign that included both direct marketing strategies and creative marketing tactics to gain the level of exposure desired.


Our Role

With our focal point on brand marketing, we aimed to create an overwhelming level of visibility for the Lyft brand in these two cities. We knew we had to create something fun and hip for Lyft, to match their brand and identity. What our brand marketing specialists came up with was, “skip the commute.” This engaging experience involved placing custom hopscotch stencils in targeted areas, inviting commuters to literally – skip the commute! It was a great success. Executing several direct marketing strategies, we also wrapped a fleet of Cargo vans with vinyl and set posters throughout the two cities.


Finish Line

Creating a ton of buzz around Lyft, the success came from GTE’s creative marketing approach. In all, there was thirty brand marketing specialists in each individual city, with a total of 1200 Lyft posters set, ten custom Lyft hopscotch stencils laid, and ten Lyft branded vans driving throughout. It wasn’t only fun, but an absolute pleasure working with such an outstanding company like Lyft. Next time you’re in a time crunch, remember you can always  “skip the commute!”


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