ASK A RECRUITER: How do I get booked?

Sep 19, 2017


Many people wonder why they are looked over for gigs.  Here are a few helpful hints to getting booked:


  1. Read ads thoroughly and submit all of the requested information
  2. Provide clear and updated photos (non-promotional, think headshot style)
    1. Don’t submit the same photo for several years – recruiters will pass on you if this is reoccurring
  3. Write a brief intro 1-2 sentences when applying for a promotional gig
    1. Those who present themselves professionally generally have a higher chance of getting booked
  4. List experience specific to the event and include a resume if one is available
  5. Be reliable, don’t cancel the day before/morning of an event
    1. Have suggestions on other experienced professionals available to take the shift
  6. Form relationships with the recruiters – go the extra mile
    1. Recruiters will typically reach out to their favorite staff to book a gig before they invite the public to apply
  7. Arrive ready and on-time for your shift
    1. This does not go unnoticed – we often hear about staff that arrive looking disheveled or late
    2. Impressions go a long way so make sure you are making the best one
  8. Make the effort during your engagements and really focus on the work when you are on-site
    1. You never know if the consumer you are speaking with is a CEO – your work ethic can take you to the next level
  9. Provide references
  10. Be flexible and have a great attitude
    1. Things are ever-changing in this field so it’s important that you roll with it to make everyone’s life easier
    2. The better the attitude you have the more comfortable a recruiter is with you handling their programs on the field


We hope these short notes help you get on the right track.  Feel free to reach out to us and ask other questions if you’d like further insight.



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