Working Hard or Hardly Working

Sep 26, 2017

          I have had the pleasure of working in the field for multiple events this past year. I must say, I very much enjoy it. It was fun to switch it up from being in the office, sitting, barely moving around, to being up and active, interacting with other brand ambassadors and consumers. Working in the office, staffing is completely different from doing brand ambassador work. Much different from how I spend my weekdays at my desk, bundled up in multiple layers of jackets and blankets in the corner of the office.  My last event was exhausting to say the least. I was out on the field lifting heavy equipment, running around back and forth setting up on what was considered one of the hottest days in Los Angeles. Working events reminds me of that old meme “Do you even lift bro”. I’ve always felt like I was in pretty good shape, that is, until the workout I got outside of the air conditioned gym and into a 95 degree weather set up day with zero shade. I only mention the heat so much because anyone that knows me personally knows I DO NOT like being in sun, and I am quick to pass out if I do not stay hydrated. I was honestly embarrassed! I constantly felt like I was slowing down the teams set up due to my repeated water breaks and constant breather breaks where I’d leaning on the side of the truck from exhaustion.                                                                                                                                        



           I had turned into one of those brand ambassadors that we get negative reports on from the field manager that say they could not handle the work load and the outdoor elements. Looking back at my bad work ethic setting up that day, I would have fired myself!  That is probably my least favorite thing about outdoor activation. Obviously I’m a huge complainer, and I definitely do not like coming home feeling like I’m a sticky mess from sweating and beat up from “work”. However, on a positive note, it was a great kick a$$ workout that I certainly needed. I also enjoyed being part of a team since it was a different dynamic from working with my weekday coworkers. In addition,  I enjoyed interacting with a variety of consumer and networking with established business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. I cannot wait to work another fun event.

 Brand Ambassadors Work, solving American obesity and laziness one Gig at a time!

-Jasmine Berry

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